Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Piper's 5 inches

erhem~ i'm talking about Piper's pies... this cute little pie joint caught my eye the other day when i was at raffles city, nestled in a tiny corner of the marketplace~ and sadly quiet (despite it being lunchtime then)
oh well, that didn't deter me from stepping in and having a nice 5 minutes checking out Piper's wares and picking up an ordering form/menu (since i already had a full lunch) in preparation for another day.
so that day finally arrived when my collegue had to go to raffles city for a lunch meeting. entrusted with money in hand and 2 hours later, me and pie were finally able to...

this is the piper's special, under the "chunky meat pies" section.

just check out the thin crust and generous filling!! the crust is alrite, but the filling is SHIOK!! very meaty and really yummy.

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