Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A&W @ Taman U

25/11/2006, Saturday

Location: Petronas Petrol Station near Taman U & Jusco

my crispy chicky set meal *yums yums* it's much nicer than the KFC here...
buns under cover...
the burger revealed... big buns, small patty but nobody's complaining...

floating up a foam party all by itself...

set meals are bout RM5 or RM6 each, which after conversion... less than $4, a good deal... if u don't mind the distance, and the road condition...

Monday, November 27, 2006

jap buffet - HONJIN


4 persons, 2 1/2 hours, $34++ per pax... let's do it again~!~!

jap buffet - HONJIN


jap buffet - HONJIN

24 November 2006, Friday Night, 7pm......


Sunday, November 26, 2006

chuan yi pin

thursday nite, i went to meet up with a couple of good friends for dinner at this little steamboat place juz opposite bugis junctions (and next to icon). they have a $15 (mon-thurs) and $17 (weekends & public holidays) buffet on offer, best part is... they're opened till 3am everyday!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

e Blackboard

it was a hot sunny lazy afternoon when we paid eBlackboard a visit after reading so many reviews from other food blogs.

the waldorf salad, nice and refreshing. i wouldn't know if it's the genuine waldorf but it's good anyway.

calamari, now this is nice... though i find it a tad pricey ($4), but the pieces are thick with sotong, not batter.

now this is what we came for, the NZ ribeye (250gms). now compared to the usual western food stalls, this is the real mc coy.... this is a piece of steak! but at $12.90, please do not expect wagyu or black angus quality... this is an unpretentious piece of steak which is nice and soft, but also comes with the sinews and tough bits. taste-wise, it has the nice hearty beefy quality and richness that most carnivores should enjoy. no complains, and with fresh coleslaw and thick cut fries... this is a very satisfying meal at a great price indeed.

orange saturday

this is my putu mayam (spelling might be incorrect) breakfast. i used to eat this alot when i was a kid coz it's sweet. it's some white vermicelli made into lacy pieces and eaten with coconut sugar and grated coconut.

these are... not tomatoes!! but persimmons... the soft type, but just how luscious is that.....

as bright as it is sweet.... yums!!

later in the evening, i went to meet sophie and her friend for dinner at marina south kopitiam. which has a rather famous curry stall there, but 2 other food stalls also shine with their great taste and generous portions.

orh jian (oyster omelette), this is very very good. and you know it's good when it's the only thing that the stall does. i'm having a small plate coz the owner says the best way to enjoy it is in moderation, see... he doesn't even hard-sell his product!

this is chicken chop, it's huge huge coz it's also rather flat... hahaha!!! has the generic western food stall taste (which means quite nice lah!!)

Thursday, November 16, 2006


talk about secret haunts, this little pub/cafe hidden in siglap is so charmingly unpretentious that i liked it at first sight. though i was rather surprised that it's so crowded for a thursday night, being in such a secluded corner of opera estate. the menu features comfort food (cheesey creamy meaty fried etc)and a variety of beers (a non-alcoholic iced tea for me) and i was ravenous by the time my friend arrived (an hour late!!)

this is my bacon mushroom cheese burger with it's sides of coleslaw & thick cajun fries. the bun's slightly toasted and the veggies are fresh, with plentiful succulent mushrooms and crisp savoury bacon all cover with cheese... the patty is nicely juicy without being too crumbly.

my friend's fish & potato salad. look at the size of it, plus the crust is nice and light with the fish fillet thick and flavourful. i almost wished i ordered this instead :o)

a nice place to chill-out and to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. i've already planned on what to try during my next visit, must get more people to go so there's more variety to share. :o)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

tea-time totally kewl...!!

guess what sophie got for me from indonesia.... ;p

krispy kremes~!~! wooh... now they're still slumbering inside those boxes....

wakey wakey krispy kremes~ see how bright and happy they look...

oooh!!! check out the sugar glacing.... where's my kopi O~!~!~!

having no franchise here in singapore. krispy kremes are a precious commodity here, due to it's numerous number of fans. each krispy kreme is lovingly wrapped in paper towels and shared around. while most of us attacked it chilled, purists like diana carefully warmed her's in the microwave, shab coo'ed and ahh'ed to his before taking his first bite... some shared theirs in secret corners, lest those not included be heartbroken...

in conclusion: krispy kremes 1 dozen, gone in 60 seconds. MANY THANKS TO SOPIHE!!! :o)

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

another contribution from science...

no, i am not talking about gastronomic offerings from that uber-expensive restaurant that is nestled somewhere around the european continent that only operates 6 months a year... this is much closer to the heart (coz it's in my stomach now)

tadah!! freeze-dried durian from thailand. presented by my collegue after his short weekend sojurn to bangkok (thailand)

this is how they look like, nuggets of fragrant durian.... *yums*
i would love to take a picture of a bowlful but these are what i managed to rescue right after the packet was opened...

Monday, November 13, 2006

vivo vivo Sushi Tei...!!!

once in a very blue moon i would step out of the office for lunch. so when my collegue (who's driving) said she's goin to vivo city, me and 2 other collegues hitched the ride along for fun (besides, we haven't been there yet either...)

the lunch venue was quickly decided and fortunately, that there wasn't a mighty long Q. after a short wait, we were ushered to our table which is near the floor-to-ceiling windows, offering us a nice (though hazy) view of harbourfront and sentosa.

though the place was crowded, service was brisk and friendly.we were very hungry and wasted no time in perusing the menu...

this is some salmon mentai thingy which my collegue ordered, it's asparagus wrapped in salmon with some delicious sauce.

a nice dish of cha soba with a delicious green hue. i picked out the ice cubes to emphasize their pressence (there are places where they serve cold noodles without ice cubes).

this is the tempura that accompanies the cha soba if u ordered the tanzaru cha soba.

my ebi don, it's steaming and calling out my name...

katsu don, the dons are HUGE... my collegue couldn't finish hers

2 salmon and a california temakis :o)

some nigri sushi topped with the delicious sauce for the mentai thingy (my collegue was so busy eating, she totally ignored my queries bout the name of the food... can still tell me "faster take picture, i wanna eat..." -.-")

oh well, it's been a really long long while since i've last been to sushi tei and this has been a rather fun experience. i'm glad to say that the quality has improved alot since too.... think i'll be back soon to check out some of the other interesting items i saw in the menu (and on other customers' tables...)