Monday, January 22, 2007

Cosafe Maid Cafe

21 January 2007, dinnertime

yes, the waitresses are in french maid costumes~ and they are really cute looking. but that aside, this place does serve some nice food. the pictures look bad coz i forgot my little camera and had to use my mobile phone.

the food had rather fanciful names but i juz simply forgot to note them down!!! coz i was starving.....
this is very nicely proportioned, according to my friend~ generous serving of fresh sweet prawns ensure that u enjoy the succulent taste in every mouthful of pasta.
this comes in a really light sauce and plentiful mushrooms that's oomph full of flavour, yet not overly cloying.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Korean @ Bestway

18 January 2007, dinnertime

this is a favourite stall of mine, the owner's a korean lady (if u ever get to spot her from behind the wall seperating the cooking area from the rest of the stall) with a great smile and wonderful humour. food's good and the portions are really generous at really reasonable prices. enuff said, let the pics speak for themselves....

alicia's hot plate combo (pork)
my usual saba fish set

this is fried fish noodle soup from another stall in the same canteen.

Monday, January 15, 2007

tortilla breakfast

16 January 2007, morning

look what my mummy made for me to bring to the office this morning, feel free to turn green with envy!! ;p

ta-dah!! my collegue commented that it looked like something from pret-a-manger (she's prolly being nice) but without the stylish packaging
who cares bout packaging when it's the filling that really counts (roast chicken, cheese and egg) *yums*

Brick Game

lo and behold!! the last fragment of atlantis, that ancient continent which is shrouded in mystery. legend has it that as it sank into the depths of the ocean, sea creatures swarmed upon it's walls and fossilised upon it's stones... thus preserving the truth of their existence for eternity!!!!!

aiyah, it's juz the prawns i bought on saturday... stored in a tub and chucked into the freezer lah~!~!~! hur hur hur hur.....

OT grub for the hungry

16 January 2007, dinnertime

fish bee hoon
ban mian

Sunday, January 14, 2007

bored pangs

14 January 2007, 1635hrs

when one is stuck at home, feeling the cold from the rain and bored to the ends of their toenails... they raid the kitchen, results may vary but the ends usually mean something for the stomach to work upon while the body goes into hibernation mode. hahahaha!!!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

intensive carbo loading @ waruku

12 January 2007, lunchtime

the sky's been pissing the whole week and days like these brings out all the carbo and hot soup cravings in a person. so to satisfy all of these and a little more, we set out to waraku at marina square for some serious carbo loading...

the unagi don with miso soup
hot soba with chicken karrage don
zaru soba with chicken karrage don
salmon okayo with hot soba

Thursday, January 11, 2007

K9 hero in Vivo - SuperDog!!!

11 January 2007, 2100hrs

before we venture into Pan's Labyrith, some dinner is in order so that we wouldn't be distracted by hunger growls. whoever told me that guys are either hotdog haters or closet-lovers' probably haven't been to this outlet yet~ there's a healthy mix of both genders all happily scoffing down the dawgs!!

regular fries, these are good... unlike the usual shoestring and wavy thicks that doesn't have any nice potato omph! at all...
chilli fries, i prefer this to the Carl's Jnr version...
the regular chicken with onions dawg for the dude (dragon breath alert)
bacon cheese dawg, check out the nice big slice of bacon... in a baguette-like bun
spicy italian bratwurst with sauteed onions in a baguette

we had a great meal, the quantity and quality does account for the bill (think Carl's Jnr prices). one K9 hero worth re-visiting :o)

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Inle Myanmar Restaurant

11/01/2007, lunchtime

nestled in a corner at the basement of peninsula plaza, this quaint little restaurant serves food from where is also known as burma. and lunch was a happy affair in the charming company of 2 ladies and a dude~ ;p

fried myanmar tofu, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. tastes "potato-y"
a very bad picture taken of the x-section, but notice that the inside is yellow... that's probably where the potato-y comes from~
crispy fried noodle with seafood, comes with a generous portion of veggies too... too bad for the dude~~~ hahahaha!!!
tamarind juice, this is NOT some watered down version passed off as the real mc coy... served with crushed ice. nice and refreshing~
moun-hin-ga, my long lost love now reunited tasting better than ever!!! rice noodles in thick catfish broth, sliced banana shoots, white onions, fish cake & egg.... delicious!!
myanmar milk tea
chicken curry with rice. now this curry is surprising light and tasty without the sometimes over-whelming richness that our usual curries possess, and the rice is soft and fluffy, accompanied with a savoury light broth (it looks oily in the pic but is actually not)
shrimp paste fried rice. a huge plate with alot of ingredients~ very nice, but over-whelming due it being very savoury.

a very nice place with reasonable prices. staff are friendly and polite, though they don't seem to understand english very well. and food is served quickly and efficently. i will go back again, not only for my beloved moun-hin-ga of course!!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hog's Breath Cafe @ CHIJMES

05/01/2007, dinnertime @ 9pm

eating is such a tradition, for mourning and celebration. since it's one of our collegue's last day at work, what else better but to send her off with good food...!!

cheese burger in paradise, rachael didn't go anywhere near there though she might juz see heaven if she attempts to finish everything on the plate (passing out from indigestion caused by over-eating)
finger food combo~ it was attacked before i could take a proper picture coz we were STARVING!!
crispy chicken & ranch salad, i'm not a veggie person but alicia and michelle said it's nice
macho nachos~ hmpf!! THIS I LIKE!! julane said the mashed beans (at the bottom of the heap) is nice...
my grilled rib fillet~ juz as good as the prime rib fillet and the mash is melt-in-your-mouth nice!!

after dinner, we "waddled" to cafe cartel for drinks and and chit chat. what a fun way to end the short and hectic work week!!

Pepper Lunch

04/01/2007, lunchtime

it's always fun when i can get out of the office for lunch, and since my collegue's going to kinokunya to get a book~ she drove us to takashimaya, where it's strangely calm and empty (as opposed to last month, due to school holidays and festive season). she has a craving for pepper lunch and since i've not tried it yet, it's fine with me.

the salmon and chicken combo
the chicken set
my beef rice before cooking
smells utterly savoury and really delicious!!

i think it's a fun concept, despite the smoke (which sticks to hair and clothing long after the meal)and the price (which i find a tad expensive). the novelty of it being one having the feeling of cooking their own meal (being domesticated?) and eating it fresh and piping hot, quite fun. dun mind trying it again.