Monday, March 26, 2007

Melaka 24/25 March 2007

6 bikes, 6 appetites... we're on the move again!!

1st stop: Ayer Hitam

we were invited by alan from the honda hornets to join his group for breakfast when we encountered them at GP Esso. Here's what we had:

assortment of Dim Sum which all looked the same, and coincidentally... tasted that way too!!
the wonton mee that alan recommended highly to us, Jessie said this is done hakka style...
but this is the one who made our moment... herbalicious bak kut teh which is almost sold out save for this very last bowl!!!

we finally reached malaca during noon and decided not to have chicken rice ball since we seem to be having that everytime we're there, opting for something new instead. we found this newly built place on our way to makota parada called the Cultural Food Centre and decided to lunch there.

"boh zai fan" & "lou wong gua" soup (mini pot rice & old melon soup)

"lei cha" i don't like this, i had a taste of this.... it's supposed to be good for health... but i don't like!!!

"lor sum chum bak" rice (stewed pork belly & hard boiled egg with rice)

"sar boh kai fan with lup cheong & hum yuu" (claypot chicken rice with chinese sausage & salted fish) quite nice and savoury... the chinese sausage & salted fish are add-ons at RM0.50 each, next time i'll ask for double portion salted fish...

penang "char kway teow"

nonya "wuu tao gou" & "bah zhang" (yam cake & rice dumpling)

"chee cheong fun" this one has "char siew" filling inside (rice roll with savoury roasted pork filling)

ice blended beverages

after lunch, we continued our way to makota parade for some shopping. after which we proceed to this new mall juz opposite it and stopped by tis little shop for some "gui lin gao" (herbal jelly). being the blasting hot day it is, we devoured the refreshing and cooling dessert with no thought of taking any pics... but since we've packed some for one of the guys who went back to the hotel first due to his alleged exhaustion and probable heat-stroke, u get to see it in it's takeaway form.

evening time came and it's time to venture out for dinner after we had a refreshing shower and rest. off we went to the portugese settlement to enjoy seafood by the coast:

very fresh prawns cooked in butter... excellent!!

otak otak~ quite nice, not too spicy... but i stil prefer the one from the famosa chicken rice ball restaurant

sotong in very spicy, very hot sambal... but very nice!! i felt that my whole mouth's on fire but it's worth the pain....

cheese crab, the cheesy taste is mild but complimented the fresh sweetness of the crab. this is so delicious!!

crabs steamed teochew style, very nice too but still prefer the cheese crabs. too much ginger which kinda masked the natural sweetness of the crab.

there's also a stall there specializing in grilled shellfish, and i took a pic of what they have to offer:

i was suitably excited to see a couple of "exotic" items which i've tried before many years ago in thailand and ordered them for my friends to sample too...

this is sliced conch meat (lightly grilled). very chewy and nice, with a abalone-like texture but tasted different.

grilled horseshoe crab bursting with savoury roe. at first glance, 2 girls screamed and refused to touch it, one guy shrank back and there's left 2 brave "virgins" and me to finish this delicacy. the other 3 dunno what they missed!! -_-"

this is an excellent trip as we got to try new foods and new places which were previously unexplored. looking foward to more exciting discoveries soon!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the lost months - January's

Hog's Breath Ultimate 1kg Challenge @ CHIJMES

challenger: Johan

Our very ultimate steak lover decided to take up this ultimate challenge since the first time we dined at this fun and casual outlet in CHIJMES. with a cheerleading team of 6 and a timeline of an hour, we're proud to present He who conquered and prevailed, with no room for dessert later......

the very ultimate 1kg of cow with a full dress of sides...

my very humble upsized 400gms of prime rib cow with a cute side of mash and salad

another upsized 400gms of prime rib cow topped with hickory smoked BBQ sauce

and another upsized 400gms of prime rib cow topped with topped with an avocado wedge and bearnaise sauce

and another upsized 400gms of prime rib cow with a delicate garnish of hog tail fries and salad

truth be told, the 6 of us in the cheerleading group had 7 upsized steaks coz one of them ate 2 upsized 400gms (that's 800gms in total) with their full dress of sides. he is a very hungry boy that evening....

Monday, March 12, 2007

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant

12 March 2007, dinner time...

finally after a long hiatus, it's time to gorge (oops!!) at ikoi again. 5 if us went (3 newbies) and had a feasting good time!!

buffet costs $30+++ per pax. located at miramar hotel (lobby)

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

K's still alive & eating.....

It's been a long long time since i last got to blog in here about my gastronomic quest in order to satisfy my gluttony. Worry not as i have not been starving myself, rather i have not been able to faithfully report them due to my extremely busy work schedule which resulted in my been too exhausted to take any pictures.

Also due to CNY spring-cleaning which resulted in my being unable to find the all-important memory card which held wonderful pics of pictures taken in January (Hog's Breath 1kg steak Ultimate Challenge) and the fantastic buffet fare from Ikoi Japanese Restaurant. Also i am planning for more foodie excursions which i've been most interested to try and will soon post them up for one and all to look at (and perhaps drool over?). Stay tuned and bear with the missing weeks... :o)