Saturday, May 12, 2007

Marutama Ramen

May 12 2007, Saturday

Central Mall, Level 3 is being dominated by Jap restaurants. however, we were there for the ramen from marutama, which has been creating a stir lately.

perhaps it's our luck... the air-conditioning for the entire building broke down, so it's extremely hot and humid... the steaming bowls of ramen from every side created an onsen appeal which i might've enjoyed if i'm in a sauna.

my marutama ramen, in chicken broth. egg is an extra item @ $1.

check out the fine thin noodles.

marutama chilli ramen, also in chicken broth. braised pork's an extra item @ $5.

check out the noodles and the colour of the soup.

this is the marutama original, featuring a special broth (there's nuts inside) and extra ingredients too. but the braised pork's an extra item.

despite the heat, food's pretty nice. the noodles are over-cooked, probably because the place is crowded and no air-conditioning. the char siew & braised pork were done beautifully, and the egg's pretty good too.

it's rather pricey though, but worth a try (and another once they fixed the air-conditioning)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Pontian Weekend

14/15 April,2007

2 cars, 7 adults and a baby set off to the small town of pontian for some really great eats!!

Day 1: 5pm upon reaching Pontian

a local favourite, from the name alone... there's little need for eleboration

lovely grilled flatfish

the quintessential stingay

fabulous sotong grilled with a vegetable which i've never tasted before, this is really good grilled food. the chilli used has ground dried shrimp in it, which really adds to the fantastic flavour!!

Next stop was to this nice little al fresco area when food stalls abound and delicious smells filled the air...

a nice plate of fried chicken (wings, breasts and the bishops' nose)

grab a drumsick! we're so into the food vibe... the freshly fried chicken is light, crispy and flavourful...

totally awesome ngor hiong!! it's so fresh and delicious... it's 13 years HOT and still going STRONG!!

Next stop: a well-known kopitiam in the area famous for it's economical dishes

warming up with a selection of dim sum which might be closely related to those in Ayer Hitam...

half of the wide array of dishes avaliable...

delicious curry vegetable swimming in a flavourful pool of gravy

stir-fried noodle and bee hoon

some side dishes to pick at... hmm.. .

there is this small roadside vendor who sells fantastic you tiao (dough fritters)... it's so good that it's ALWAYS SOLD OUT WITHIN A COUPLE OF HOURS!!!

but we were lucky, not to mention early.... to grab some for our supper

Day 2: 10am

bak kut teh breakfast....!!!! stil boiling and steaming in the claypot

stewed pork

chicken with ginger

bak kut teh with generous chunks of ribs

and check out this fresh piece of sardine cooked in assam, chilli and tomato... YUMMY!!!

chilling out at the car wash with a refreshing packet of smooth and sweet chendol....

then it's time to bade pontian a fond farewell... and time for dinner at

Gelang Petah town : Tian Lai Seafood Restaurant

Moonlight Hor Fun, a MUST HAVE there...

Fried Rice

sambal belacan kang kong

sambal tua tao (clams)

gong bao tian luo (snails) - MUST TRY

buter prawns

baby kai lan stir-fried with garlic

claypot curry boar meat - MUST TRY

onion omelette

another Moonlight Hor Fun (told u it's GOOD)

hot plate tofu...

at GP Esso Station, there's this guy who sells excellent Black Putu Mayam. you wanna try it, then u'll have to be there at the right time when he'll arive on his bike with a box full of the delicious...

okie, it's not really black in colour. just that the usage of 'black' sugar that gave it the name... it is much more fragrant and packed more OMPH! than the regular putu mayam....

one word: BURP!!!!! :p

Easter Sunday

while no cute bunnies were enlisted during Easter, the egg-laying population were probably enraged by their precious offerings dyed a hideous shade of crimson...