Wednesday, December 27, 2006

after 8.45pm

27 December 2006, 9pm

a few postings back, i wrote about my trip to meidi-ya supermarket and their bentos which goes on a discount after 8.45pm. Upon reaching the section at 9pm, most of the items were already gone and so no time's wasted in grabbing the last few items avaliable!!

whatever's left on the shelves were cleared by 9.30pm and the ones shown above were really nice~ generous portions which is really value for money (the discount helps ALOT!!).

lunch at waraku

27 December 2006, lunchtime

this is my salmon okayo set with hot soba~ waraku serves a rice + noodle for lunch during weekdays and usually i get the negitoro instead but it has unfortunately been off the menu for eons. this is wonderful too with it's generous servings and so delicious that i can't help but finish every bit of it~ and end up feeling sleepy for the rest of the day during work..... :p

Edecline's Indo Contribution

guess what pretty boy shaun and flirty norman got for me from their holiday.... that's right, it's EDIBLE~!~! and it's....
Krispy Kremes.... oooh!!!!
see how deliciously sinful they look.... yums!!!

Friday, December 22, 2006

jap buffet - Tokyo Japanese Restaurant


a really nice family-orientated jap dining place who didn't mind me taking pictures of the food at all, grab a seat at the sushi counter manned by the amiable chef and just enjoy!!

Location: Amara Shopping Arcade
$30++ per person

jap buffet - Tokyo Japanese Restaurant

21/12/2006, Thursday Nite


Sunday, December 17, 2006

homestyle tofu with cheese

rainy weather keeps one indoors and when that happen, strange foods never seen before in this tame household start to emerge from the kitchen. this is an extremely simple experiment gone right, and anyone can do this. ingredients are silken tofu & cheese, and the method of cooking: a quick grill using the toaster.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dim Sum saturday

16/12/2006, saturday noon

spending time with the family usually involves food, and nothing pleases the parents more than traditional fare, and in this case... dainty bits of "heart" @ Yan Palace (Hong Lim Centre)

congee, shrimp fritters, lotus leaf rice & cheong fun (one char siew & one prawn)
crispy spring rolls
"har gow"
"siew mai"
"siew long tong bao" otherwise known as shanghai buns
bigger "siew mai"

having stuffed ourselves nicely with food~ we walked towards raffles place to take a train to Orchard road.
cheese sausage on stick from deliwheels, a hotdog cart near the MRT station. this is very nice!! $2 each.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

jap buffet - Hanabi @ Odeon Towers

13/12/2006, thursday nite

if anyone reading this particular entry wondered about the number of pictures taken of what me and my friends ate; that's because halfway thru' the manager came up and forbade me to take anymore pics due to some reason concerning "piracy". oh well, put my cammy away lor~ i don't want to ruin my appetite with an argument. and ur fun/horror reading bout my gluttony by dwelling on this, so let's move on to...

negitoro temaki, this i like. honjin used to have them but since they don't do it anymore, i have them here and it's very very nice.

IMHO, the sashimi here is better than honjin in terms of freshness.

grilled unagi, complimentary dish.

zaru soba, everytime palmer comes here he eats 6 plates. it's testimony to how good it tasted to him (as compared to other jap buffet outlets)

grilled cod with mentai sauce, complimentary dish. this is really fantastic!!

another sashimi platter (in total we had bout 4 or 5 platters)

yakitori combo (shishamo/chicken/mushroom).

agedashi tofu

grilled pike, one of my faves.

stir-fried beef

other stuff we had includes the grilled saba, assorted nigri sushi, teppan tofu (MUST TRY!!!), tonkatsu (2 types done differently), edamane, miso soup and chawanmushi. $34++ per person

Note: usually, i would juz post pics of everything we ate and let them speak for themselves since i'm not good with words at all. but i'm making an exception this time due to the reason provided above. coz we really had fun stuffing ourselves and without the pics to prove it (unlike our honjin trip), nobody will know how much enjoyment we had.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Piper's 5 inches

erhem~ i'm talking about Piper's pies... this cute little pie joint caught my eye the other day when i was at raffles city, nestled in a tiny corner of the marketplace~ and sadly quiet (despite it being lunchtime then)
oh well, that didn't deter me from stepping in and having a nice 5 minutes checking out Piper's wares and picking up an ordering form/menu (since i already had a full lunch) in preparation for another day.
so that day finally arrived when my collegue had to go to raffles city for a lunch meeting. entrusted with money in hand and 2 hours later, me and pie were finally able to...

this is the piper's special, under the "chunky meat pies" section.

just check out the thin crust and generous filling!! the crust is alrite, but the filling is SHIOK!! very meaty and really yummy.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

food fun tuesday

12/12/2006, Tuesday

the time: 11am++ ??

me, aub & palmer went to simply bread @ robertson quay for brunch. i've been wanting to go to this place for ages, ever since my first waft of it's freshly baked offerings while en route to the sound bar years ago (wah!!)... oh anyway, today i'm finally here!!

the BLT (bacon, lettuce, tomato)

the GHC (grilled ham & cheese)

the roast chicken (tasted like boiled chicken...)

raisin roll, sweet and sticky... goes well with coffee

a sticky bun for normie, who works at riverside cafe nearby

then it's a nice slow walk to Liang Court coz i so wanted to check out Meidi-ya Supermarketfor the longest time. and it was fun exploring the aisles, checking out the various foodstuffs and products which i wouldn't usually see anywhere else. and very cool are the food outlets that has a 50% special after 8.45pm (Mon-Thurs) on it's lovely bento sets!! now i know where to go for a cheap jap supper fix.... wahahahahahahaha!!!

these are from the gelato counter within the supermarket itself. at $3 for single scoop and $4 for a double, it's not hard to decide!!

from left: sweet potato/rum & rasin, wild berry/lychee sorbet, material girls (strawberries & champagne)/kiwi yoghurt

after which is a trip down to the newly opened ikea in tampines, after perusing over the non-edible items... it's time to check out the hot faves

the famous ikea boiled chicken weiner hotdog, very yummy!!

these chicken wings are very popular, i see people buying plates FULL of them...

swedish meatballs, comes with a real yummy sauce

poached salmon, done juz right and the sauce is delicious too

i also checked out some items at it's tiny food outlet at Level 1 but since i've to go somewhere else, i didn't buy anything~ but i'll be back to update coz K's in the mood to play mad scientist soon!!! :o)