Thursday, December 14, 2006

jap buffet - Hanabi @ Odeon Towers

13/12/2006, thursday nite

if anyone reading this particular entry wondered about the number of pictures taken of what me and my friends ate; that's because halfway thru' the manager came up and forbade me to take anymore pics due to some reason concerning "piracy". oh well, put my cammy away lor~ i don't want to ruin my appetite with an argument. and ur fun/horror reading bout my gluttony by dwelling on this, so let's move on to...

negitoro temaki, this i like. honjin used to have them but since they don't do it anymore, i have them here and it's very very nice.

IMHO, the sashimi here is better than honjin in terms of freshness.

grilled unagi, complimentary dish.

zaru soba, everytime palmer comes here he eats 6 plates. it's testimony to how good it tasted to him (as compared to other jap buffet outlets)

grilled cod with mentai sauce, complimentary dish. this is really fantastic!!

another sashimi platter (in total we had bout 4 or 5 platters)

yakitori combo (shishamo/chicken/mushroom).

agedashi tofu

grilled pike, one of my faves.

stir-fried beef

other stuff we had includes the grilled saba, assorted nigri sushi, teppan tofu (MUST TRY!!!), tonkatsu (2 types done differently), edamane, miso soup and chawanmushi. $34++ per person

Note: usually, i would juz post pics of everything we ate and let them speak for themselves since i'm not good with words at all. but i'm making an exception this time due to the reason provided above. coz we really had fun stuffing ourselves and without the pics to prove it (unlike our honjin trip), nobody will know how much enjoyment we had.

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