Saturday, May 12, 2007

Marutama Ramen

May 12 2007, Saturday

Central Mall, Level 3 is being dominated by Jap restaurants. however, we were there for the ramen from marutama, which has been creating a stir lately.

perhaps it's our luck... the air-conditioning for the entire building broke down, so it's extremely hot and humid... the steaming bowls of ramen from every side created an onsen appeal which i might've enjoyed if i'm in a sauna.

my marutama ramen, in chicken broth. egg is an extra item @ $1.

check out the fine thin noodles.

marutama chilli ramen, also in chicken broth. braised pork's an extra item @ $5.

check out the noodles and the colour of the soup.

this is the marutama original, featuring a special broth (there's nuts inside) and extra ingredients too. but the braised pork's an extra item.

despite the heat, food's pretty nice. the noodles are over-cooked, probably because the place is crowded and no air-conditioning. the char siew & braised pork were done beautifully, and the egg's pretty good too.

it's rather pricey though, but worth a try (and another once they fixed the air-conditioning)