Saturday, January 06, 2007

Pepper Lunch

04/01/2007, lunchtime

it's always fun when i can get out of the office for lunch, and since my collegue's going to kinokunya to get a book~ she drove us to takashimaya, where it's strangely calm and empty (as opposed to last month, due to school holidays and festive season). she has a craving for pepper lunch and since i've not tried it yet, it's fine with me.

the salmon and chicken combo
the chicken set
my beef rice before cooking
smells utterly savoury and really delicious!!

i think it's a fun concept, despite the smoke (which sticks to hair and clothing long after the meal)and the price (which i find a tad expensive). the novelty of it being one having the feeling of cooking their own meal (being domesticated?) and eating it fresh and piping hot, quite fun. dun mind trying it again.

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