Saturday, January 06, 2007

Hog's Breath Cafe @ CHIJMES

05/01/2007, dinnertime @ 9pm

eating is such a tradition, for mourning and celebration. since it's one of our collegue's last day at work, what else better but to send her off with good food...!!

cheese burger in paradise, rachael didn't go anywhere near there though she might juz see heaven if she attempts to finish everything on the plate (passing out from indigestion caused by over-eating)
finger food combo~ it was attacked before i could take a proper picture coz we were STARVING!!
crispy chicken & ranch salad, i'm not a veggie person but alicia and michelle said it's nice
macho nachos~ hmpf!! THIS I LIKE!! julane said the mashed beans (at the bottom of the heap) is nice...
my grilled rib fillet~ juz as good as the prime rib fillet and the mash is melt-in-your-mouth nice!!

after dinner, we "waddled" to cafe cartel for drinks and and chit chat. what a fun way to end the short and hectic work week!!

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