Thursday, January 11, 2007

K9 hero in Vivo - SuperDog!!!

11 January 2007, 2100hrs

before we venture into Pan's Labyrith, some dinner is in order so that we wouldn't be distracted by hunger growls. whoever told me that guys are either hotdog haters or closet-lovers' probably haven't been to this outlet yet~ there's a healthy mix of both genders all happily scoffing down the dawgs!!

regular fries, these are good... unlike the usual shoestring and wavy thicks that doesn't have any nice potato omph! at all...
chilli fries, i prefer this to the Carl's Jnr version...
the regular chicken with onions dawg for the dude (dragon breath alert)
bacon cheese dawg, check out the nice big slice of bacon... in a baguette-like bun
spicy italian bratwurst with sauteed onions in a baguette

we had a great meal, the quantity and quality does account for the bill (think Carl's Jnr prices). one K9 hero worth re-visiting :o)

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