Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Inle Myanmar Restaurant

11/01/2007, lunchtime

nestled in a corner at the basement of peninsula plaza, this quaint little restaurant serves food from where is also known as burma. and lunch was a happy affair in the charming company of 2 ladies and a dude~ ;p

fried myanmar tofu, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. tastes "potato-y"
a very bad picture taken of the x-section, but notice that the inside is yellow... that's probably where the potato-y comes from~
crispy fried noodle with seafood, comes with a generous portion of veggies too... too bad for the dude~~~ hahahaha!!!
tamarind juice, this is NOT some watered down version passed off as the real mc coy... served with crushed ice. nice and refreshing~
moun-hin-ga, my long lost love now reunited tasting better than ever!!! rice noodles in thick catfish broth, sliced banana shoots, white onions, fish cake & egg.... delicious!!
myanmar milk tea
chicken curry with rice. now this curry is surprising light and tasty without the sometimes over-whelming richness that our usual curries possess, and the rice is soft and fluffy, accompanied with a savoury light broth (it looks oily in the pic but is actually not)
shrimp paste fried rice. a huge plate with alot of ingredients~ very nice, but over-whelming due it being very savoury.

a very nice place with reasonable prices. staff are friendly and polite, though they don't seem to understand english very well. and food is served quickly and efficently. i will go back again, not only for my beloved moun-hin-ga of course!!


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